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The Art of sampling is all about ways to take samples from records, CD, DVD, Basses, Guitars, or anything and make it fit the way you want it to or if it ain' t working get something else. In this DVD we use an mpc2000xl, a mpc4000, and a MPC1000. We pull up samples and chop them up, put them into zones, (a process where the mpc can take 1 sample and slice it up into many and then place each slice on a separate pad) this works great for drum loops. We extract samples, I can get a sample, lets say a drum loop, and cut out all the snare drums play it back and we have no snares, then I can get a snare from my drum kit, and then add the snare I want in the place of the one I just took out. We can also merge samples, Lets say I have two vocals and I want to make a hook but I just want 1 sample so I just set my mpc4000 to merge them or I can tune the vocals to the right pitch and then combine them. Let say I have a song we'll call "thru the wire" like one Kanye's, or Dr. Dre's songs, and I want to make a vocal fit a beat I just time compress the sample vocal and it will fit the speed (tempo or BPM's) I pick, but remain the same pitch so no matter how slow I play it, it will sound like the original. Sampling is what transformed Hip Hop into what it is today I was lucky to be at the begriming with samplers like the sp1200 and the S950 and working with artist who became legends, we had to do everything, with just about 20 seconds of sample time, but we figured how to do much much more and make it last forever. Artist would come and want to do all kinds of stuff I just used my brain and knew how each machine worked inside out.

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