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The drum machine is the Rhythm center in your studio. You need to know about sequencing drum patterns, how to quantize your beat, tempo (BPM=beats per minute), 1/4 note, 1/8 notes, 1/16 notes, and 32nd notes. That may sound like a lot but guess what you already know it. If you listen to a song you really like, after hearing it on the radio, in clubs, at home, over and over and over, you know the beats tempo (speed) and the drum pattern. Now all you need to know is how to play it on a drum machine, that's where we come in. This video starts out with the basics of how drum machines work and ways to program them. After that we go on to today's top drum machine/samplers like the MPC2000XL MPC3000, MPC4000, SP1200, etc. We will show you how we make our own drum sounds with a sampler and edits, then we program a couple of drum patterns like Timbo, Dr. Dre, Premo, and Manny Fresh to show you how its done. The Doc himself will guide you through as always, its easy and fun. Once you watch this video you'll be miles ahead of where you were.

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